People and Organisations: Global Networks

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The development of communications has enabled people to communicate more effectively around the world, in less time and with almost instant connections. Scientists, for example, can now control large telescopes around the world, without even moving from their computer. Images from outer can be sent direct from the telescope to the scientists by the internet. People are able to weather conditions, look at latest videos of events around the world, and have meetings using video . Emergency services can also respond to disasters around the world.

Today there is little need to physically carry from one place to another. Early forms of communication from a distance used light signals and signals. Then the application of electricity to communictions witnessed the development of code and . These were eventually replaced and superseded by the development of the , the radio and .

The development of the communication systems enabled worldwide communications to become a reality. The internet and development of phone communications have enabled people and organisations to keep in touch through a new global . There is strong evidence that the new technologies are merging and integrating, through the use and application of technology and common communication .

It is estimated that by 2015 that over half of the world's population will be using a mobile phone. A number of large firms the market for personal and business communication applications. These include Ericsson (Sweden), Samsung (), Motorola (), and Sony (Japan) and Toshiba () . This is a very competitive market, and costs of the product are often reduced by using assembly factories where the costs are low. Assembly of these products require very little knowledge. By contrast, the of the products require a high degree of technical knowledge.

As the technology and development of mobile phones increase, the rate of increases. This has the effect, with increasing consumer demand, of the price of the semiconductor . The major proders of thecomputer chis are in the Far East, and include Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. The rapid growth of China has led to a rise in production of communication and computer products. China has become one of the largest of communications equipment.