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The environment that people live in is the environment that they learn to live in, respond to, and perpetuate. If the environment is good, so be it. But if it is poor, so is the quality of life within it.

-- Ellen Swallow Richards

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Adaptation and Natural Selection

Here are some useful resources for the teaching of Adaptation and Natural Selection




The following resouces are available from the pbs website

Evolution of  Camouflage  This website provides a number of examples of how animals have survived by evolving survival mechanisms such as  mimicry, camouflage, and disguise.

How the woodpecker avoids a headache .  What specialised mechanisms are required in order for a woodpecker to reach and eat insects buried in trees?

Mimicry  Survival often requires the mechanism to mimic the looks and sounds of other living things. This can be used successfully in reproduction, hiding from predators, and ensuring that prey don't recognise the predator.

The Frustration Principle  Survival often depends o­n a number of desirable traits. This resource looks at the work of Karl Niklas o­n the evolution of trees.

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Evolution of the eye...

How could the complex human eye have evolved through natural selection acting o­n small variations?

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Intelligent Design versus Evolution?

Is there a place for Intelligent Design in a school Science Curriculum?  We are investigating this, using Science (as we know it!).  A Science Week 2006 Project.

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Online Interactive resources

Looking for interactive resources for the teaching of  Wave Model of Radiation?  Here are some useful resources for students and teachers....

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Introduction to Homeostasis

What exactly is Homeostasis?  What examples exist in living things?

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Radiation and Life articles....

Here are the articles o­n Radiation and Life published o­n this website.....up to 12/02/06

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Bird Flu, Superbugs, MRSA, SARS.....

Here are a number of articles already published on this website. They include Bird Flu, Superbugs and MRSA, and SARS....

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Resistors in Series and Parallel

Here are two useful interactive resource for demonstrating the effect of placing resistors in series and parallel.

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Models of Electrical Circuits: Water Analogy

Looking for animations of a water system analogy of an electrical circuit?

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Making Circuits

Here is a simple way of demonstrating the construction, nature, and operation of series and parallel circuits....

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