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Green Cars and Friends of the Earth

Read a Press Release from Friends of the Earth. There are suggestions on how to save money...and make your contribution to save the planet!

Are we going to move forward?.....................

hummer01  hummer05

Hummer : Gas Guzzler ........  (Image credits : M J Overy)

Here is the full Press Release from  Friends of the Earth (UK)"

Drivers could save hundreds of pounds a year in fuel bills by choosing a greener car, according to figures released today by Friends of the Earth. The environmental campaign group has calculated that motorists could save more money by choosing a more fuel efficient car than they would from a 10p cut in fuel duty (if petrol reaches 1 a litre).

It is urging the Chancellor to resist calls to cut fuel duty and to do more to encourage motorists to drive fuel efficient vehicles.Using Government data [1], Friends of the Earth has calculated the cost of fuel needed to drive a car 12,000 miles a year and has found that:

* For drivers wanting a smaller car [2], buying a Citroen C2 rather than a Ford Fiesta could result in a fuel cost saving of up to 460 a year, or almost 40 a month. Cutting fuel tax to reduce prices from 1 per litre to 90p per litre would save the Fiesta driver around 125 a year.

* For drivers wanting a family car, buying a Toyota Prius rather than a Ford Mondeo could result in a fuel cost saving of over 630 a year, or over 50 a month. Cutting fuel tax to reduce prices from 1 per litre to 90p per litre would save the Mondeo driver around 145 a year.

* Even gas-guzzling 4x4 drivers have a choice. Buying a Toyota RAV 4 rather than a Land Rover Discovery could result in a fuel cost saving of over 1500 a year, or over 120 a month. Cutting fuel tax to reduce prices from 1 per litre to 90p per litre would save the Land Rover driver around 290 a year (see below for details of other calculations).

Friends of the Earth is calling o­n the Chancellor of the Exchequer to give drivers greater incentives to buy greener cars, by announcing in November's Pre-Budget statement. The campaign group wants him to cut Vehicle Excise Duty (VED, or car tax) o­n the most fuel-efficient cars to zero, to take immediate effect phase in substantial increases in VED o­n gas guzzlers, rising from the current maximum of 165 to 800 a year by 2008.

Friends of the Earth's Senior Transport Campaigner Tony Bosworth said:

"Buying a fuel efficient green car instead of a gas-guzzler could save drivers hundreds of pounds a year in fuel bills. The Chancellor should encourage more drivers to buy greener cars by putting up car tax o­n gas guzzlers and cutting it for the most fuel-efficient models. Cutting fuel tax won't help tackle climate change, but greater incentives to use greener cars will."

"The Government must also invest more, particularly in rural areas, to provide real alternatives to having to use a car. It should also look at other measures such as council tax rebates for those hardest hit by fuel price rises, such as people in rural areas o­n low incomes. Cutting fuel tax might keep the motoring lobby happy, but it will make the Government's failing climate change strategy even worse."Earlier this week analysis by Friends of the Earth [3] showed that UK emissions of carbon dioxide, the main gas causing climate change, grew by 2.5% in the first half of 2005. This means that the UK looks set to breach its emissions reduction target under the Kyoto Protocol. Transport is a major source of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK, accounting for 23% of total emissions [4]. Transport emissions are forecast to rise significantly over the next decade.

Friends of the Earth (UK) is campaigning for a new law obliging the government to make year-on-year reductions in UK carbon dioxide emissions. A strategy to tackle vehicle emissions must be part of this. "

[1] Data from the Vehicle Certification Agency

[2] Models in each category are a selection of those included in the `What Car' JD Power Survey 2005 - see - and models identified by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders as the most or least fuel efficient in each category. Inclusion in these lists in no way constitutes a recommendation or endorsement by Friends of the Earth.

[3] Emissions Breach Kyoto Target

[4] UK Climate Strategy Review

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A superb resource for Air Quality

The Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment is claimed to be a one-stop source of information, on a range of atmospheric issues.....

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Weblinks database update...

Air Quality now has its own dedicated weblinks section......

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Punnett Squares and Genetic Inheritance

Punnett Squares can be used to show how single genetic traits are combined and passed to offsprings ................

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Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics

Here are some interactive resources to use in the study of  Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics.....

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Genetic Disorders

Looking for a primer/introduction for Genetic Disorders? . Here are some useful articles and discussion starters.....

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Alternative Fuels: The way forward?

With the cost of oil rising to staggering heights, there is an increasing interest in alternative fuels for road vehicles. What alternative fuels are available?

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What can you do to reduce air pollution?

Need some ideas to reduce air pollution?

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The future of cloning.....

Looking for a vision of the future? What possible scenarios can be predicted as more and more countries become involved with artificial cloning?

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Explore our Earth...

NASA's Earth Observatory is a unique resource. It provides news, images, articles, data, and experiments related to our planet.....

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