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Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.

-- Marie Curie

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Jeans for Genes!

This annual charity event arrives at a time when we are finding out about 'You and your Genes' 21st Century Science

Raise money for charity and help children with genetic disorders.

" Jeans for Genes is organised by four national charities.  It raises funds for research into serious and often life-threatening genetic disorders affecting thousands of children.   Funds also help to fund valuable advice and support services for families.   This year  Jeans for Genes  aims to raise at least £2.5 million. "

The statistics might surprise you!  " In the UK, for example, o­ne baby in every 33 is born with a genetic disorder or birth defect... thatís o­ne born every 30 minutes whose life could be affected. There are over 4,000 recognised genetic disorders, some of which have no current treatment. Pioneering research to develop such treatments is being funded through Jeans for Genes and is bringing great hope to families."

More information about genes:

You can find a brief introduction to You and Your Genes at  The webpages are divided into the following sections:

Designer Genes - They're the Boss
Where Did You Get Your Pairs of Genes?
The Gene's Code for Life
Most Diseases Have a Non-Gene Trigger
What Gene Variations Make People Respond Differently

So what do genes actually do? 

Here is a useful summary about the function of genes and their structure....Just hop over to Whatsagenome? and find out!

Read full article

The Big Bang!

Once upon a time, time began! One of the theories of the universe is the Big Bang Theory. Here are some useful resources to help you ..............

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Global Air Pollution: Images

NASA provides a unique database of images related to a range of matters related to air pollution.

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What killed the dinosaurs?

Here are some useful links for finding out about theories about the killing of the dinosaurs!

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Plate Tectonics: Useful Resources

There are a number of very useful online resources related to the story behind plate tectonics.

Read full article

Looking into the future?

The following resources might provide you with useful information about the place of science in the 21st Century.

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Is the air in your home safe?

So, you think you are safe breathing the air indoors, compared with the air outdoors? Think again!

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Your genes, your choices

Here are some useful links you can use for research and information in "You and your genes"

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What is Genetic Engineering?

Need to find out about Genetic Engineering?  Here is a useful resource you can use in your research!

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Are we alone?

How do we search for extraterrestrial life?  Read about the work of SETI

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